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Tegoroczna odsłona była imponująca: przeszło 500 uczestników, 79 prelegentów, 4 warsztaty i 3 sesje równoległe.
Atsummmit czas pożegnać

Last year’s session was impressive: more than 500 participants, 79 lecturers, 4 workshops and 3 parallel sessions.

The subject revolved around cybersecurity of cloud computing since a steadily growing number of companies place their resources in the cloud environment, especially in a public cloud. No wonder the companies are followed by a crowd of suppliers offering solutions for cloud storage of data. This creates plenty of opportunities but also threats!

On 13 November, Grzegorz Flak and Maciej Pęciak, our experts, facilitated a round table discussion on an extremely hot subject: “Can machine learning and artificial intelligence substitute classic solutions that have been used in cybersecurity for many years?”

The content partner of the event were Apius and Splunk, who were also participants in the discussion.

We are already thinking about this year’s edition as we believe that participation in such an event is obligatory.