Your offboard applications? - Webinar with Tiger and Arista
We invite you to the webinar: Well-connected containers - security, scalability and reliable communication of Kubernetes clusters.
Your apps offboard

Feel free to join the webinar: Well-communicated containers – security, scalability and reliability of communication of Kubernetes clusters.

Experts from the Apius, Arista and Tigera companies will present the topic in a comprehensive manner: We will focus on the approach to designing security policies and monitoring of network traffic between containers using Calico Enterprise.

The meeting agenda:

  • Transparent Network Security in Kubernetes with Calico Enterprise – Jane Cox, Tigera,
  • Practical examples of application network traffic security in Kubernetes cluster – Michał Orzechowski, Apius Technologies SA,
  • Container-friendly network infrastructure – Jarosław Grabowski, Arista.

24 November, Sign Up!

We will satisfy the thirst for knowledge in the scope of securing applications in dynamic container ecosystems where trust between different services cannot be assumed” – says Michał Orzechowski. He adds: “– The emphasis will be put on presenting a concrete example of the process of securing a microservice application within the Kubernetes cluster, while respecting existing security mechanisms."