Tuffin SecureApp
#KNOWLEDGE, that inspires - workshop Tufin SecureApp

As early as on May 21st, the first meeting with technology will take place, as part of the series of free meetings entitled “Knowledge that inspires” organised by APIUS.

This is the answer to the questions and suggestions of our clients asking us to share our expert knowledge.

To begin with, we have prepared 4 meetings, which have different forms (workshops, live shows, presentations, etc.) The emphasis will be put on practice-oriented content delivered by experts. Thus, we will soon be working in test environments, in the role of a defender and an attacker. :)

On Thursday, May 21st, we invite you to Tufin SecureApp – Network security management from an application perspective. The details of the subsequent meetings will be available soon.

“– We invite you to a common space with comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge about cybersecurity. We want to create not only a place where knowledge is acquired but also, in a broader perspective, to build a community revolving around these issues” – says Barbara Mroczka, Director of Communications at Apius.