Practical aspects of using Soar
Webinar - Practical aspects of using Soar

On June 17th, all those who are interested in SOAR class solutions will meet during our webinar. We’ll start at the bugle call at 12:00.

During the workshops, participants will broaden their knowledge on how to automate and organise processes in SOC/NOC – in particular:

  • How to standardise the handling of different types of events with appropriate tools,
  • How to relieve the staff from repetitive and poorly developmental tasks and allow them to focus on those activities that are of greatest value to the company,
  • Where in the process of event handling it is possible to reduce the duration (of reaction / problem solving) by the use of automation,
  • Is SOAR a tool for safety only or will it also be suitable for other types of tasks?

If it sounds interesting to you, please sign up.

The number of participants is limited.