The only ones
in Poland
Apius Technologies was awarded the unique in the country title and status of the Splunk Elite Partner.
The only ones in Poland

SPLUNK ELITE PARTNER – it is a confirmation of excellent sales results and achievement of a unique set of certificates by the team of architects and engineers.

"Splunk has been one of our strategic business partners since the establishment of APIUS. Together we are dynamically developing in the global and Polish IT markets", says Grzegorz Flak, Member of the Management Board of Apius Technologies SA. "It is also an example of the perfect implementation of our strategy of cooperation with producers, which assumes being a TOP3 partner in the region. Currently, being Splunk's number one in Poland, we are the best choice for clients who are looking for a competent and experienced supplier in this area", adds G. Flak.

The success seems to be even greater knowing that in the region covering Eastern Europe and Russia there is only one more Croatian company that managed to achieve it.