SIEM systems at BGK
Apius Technologies, based on the concluded contract, will provide technical support services and servicing of the SIEM System (Security Information and Event Management) based on RSA enVison product.
SIEM systems at BGK

Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego ensures the highest level of security of the processed data. One of the systems supporting this process is the SIEM system. Apius Technologies, on the basis of the signed contract, will provide technical support services and maintenance services for the SIEM System (Security Information and Event Management), which is based on the RSA enVision product. SIEM-class products will enable the Clients, for example, to identify and analyse incidents related to attacks and abuses committed by users as well as identify failures and problems occurring in the IT infrastructure.

The RSA enVision™ platform offers an integrated log and event management system – that combines the functions of three separate products – simplifying the implementation of legal requirements related to the storage of security-related information, as well as enhancing the security level and enabling efficient risk management. In addition, the mechanisms that automate gathering, analysing, controlling and secure recording of logs as well as warning and reporting allow to optimise the operation of teams responsible for information security management.

"Apius is one of the leaders in the market of SIEM system suppliers in Poland. We offer our Clients turnkey solutions and provide professional technical support services like in the case of the contract entered into with Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego", emphasises Grzegorz Flak, Director of Technology Development at Apius Technologies.