Gold for Apius
Apius has become a Gold Partner of Tufin.
Gold for Apius

The partner status was granted after meeting high qualification requirements, i.e. two engineers obtained the highest level of TUFIN TCSE certification, two TCSS sales certificates and a sufficient number of successfully completed projects. Being a Gold Partner is a confirmation of competence and even restrictive technical requirements, as well as experience of the company.

It should be mentioned that apart from Apius, Tufin has 4 Gold Partners in Poland, which means that the company has expanded its unique competence with the portfolio of this manufacturer. In the whole country, there are only 12 partners of this company.

“Apius has a very positive opinion among Polish clients, so from Tufin’s point of view, it was crucial for us that Apius obtains the highest competence in the field of Tufin solutions in order to be able to successfully implement the most complex projects. We are looking for partners with a unique team of experts and an efficient sales team. All these requirements were met by Apius”, says Sławomir Słowiński, Regional Sales Director at Tufin.