Apius as a Cybersec 2018 conference partner
One of the most important conferences on cybersecurity in Europe, the 4th European Cybersecurity Forum – CYBERSEC 2018, will be held on 8-9 October in Krakow.
Apius as a Cybersec 2018 conference partner

“CYBERSEC responds to the most current challenges of the digital world, hence our presence at such an event is obligatory”, says Łukasz Kułacz, President of Apius Technologies SA. “One of the objectives of the conference is to work out practical recommendations aimed at improving cyberdefence, as well as to strengthen cooperation between individual entities and countries in the field of counteracting cybercrime. We are here because as one of the national leaders we engage in such initiatives”, adds Ł. Kułacz.

The Forum is attended by world-class experts, opinion leaders, decision-makers, representatives of governments and international NGOs, private sector companies and representatives of leading media. Among them, there are: Ambassador Sorin Ducaru – Senior Research Fellow at Hudson Institute, Former NATO Deputy Secretary General for New Security Challenges, Melissa Hathaway – Senior Advisor, Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, former cybersecurity adviser to the George W. Bush and Barack Obama administration, CEO at Hathaway Global Strategies LLC, Sir Julian King – EU Commissioner for Security Union, Antonio Missiroli – NATO Deputy Secretary General for New Security Challenges, Christopher Painter – US Department of State Cybersecurity Coordinator until 2017, Steven Wilson – Director of the European Cybercrime Centre at Europol. The conference will be accompanied by an exhibition entitled “Digits Codes Ciphers. 100 years of Independence” presenting the contribution of Poles to the development of mathematics, cryptology and information technology, and thus popularising the history of Poland on the 100th anniversary of regaining independence by this country. The vernissage will take place on 28 September, whereas the exhibition will be open to the public until 12 October.

Signing up for the 4th European Cybersecurity Forum – CYBERSEC 2018 is possible at the following address: https://cybersecforum.eu/pl/krakow/rejestracja/

Splunk is the co-funding partner of the event.

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