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Apius among the three best companies

We are pleased to announce that on May 12, at the Clico Partner Event 2016 in Olsztyn, the company received an award – 3rd place in the "Best Commercial Partner in 2015" category.

Only Solidex and Comp proved to be better and received gold and silver medals. We hereby congratulate them and inform them loyally that in the following years we will "attack" their positions.

Mr. Grzegorz Rospond, acting in the capacity of Clico's representative, handed over the award to the Management Board of Apius. Mr. Rospond addressed to the participants of the meeting the following words: "It has been a great pleasure to observe the development of Apius from the very beginning of its existence in the market. The objectives perfectly defined at the beginning resulted in the company's outstanding results. We are very pleased that the strategy based on knowledge, substantive strength and inviolable ethical standards allows for achieving success in a highly competitive market in such a short time. It was an honor for me to award our colleagues from Apius".

Tomasz Ryś, CEO of Clico, said: "APIUS is the best example of one of my favourites sayings, namely, that money is not the most important thing in life. APIUS is a proof that not big capital, but knowledge, consistency, diligence, persistence, passion, honesty and conscientiousness bring success. It is not the company that shapes people, but it is the people who create the company - and APIUS was founded by great professionals and friends. I am very pleased to observe APIUS, its dynamic five-year development, freshness and always fantastic ideas. The success of APIUS is not only proven by financial results and ratios. This is evidenced by the constantly growing number of satisfied clients, who thanks to the perfect cooperation between APIUS and CLICO are partly also our customers. We are very pleased to welcome APIUS in the top three of our best trading partners and we wish them further spectacular successes", added Tomasz Ryś.

"Within five intensive year, we have dynamically evolved from a small company into one of the key players in the Polish IT integration market. "The 3rd place in the Clico ranking is a very valuable and nice distinction", says Łukasz Kułacz, President of the Management Board of the company. "It is also a proof that hard work, business honesty and commitment make it possible to realise dreams and build new quality in the market. It is the success of our entire team", he adds.