CSE F5 experts in Apius!
Two of our engineers have obtained a unique F5 Certified Security Solution Expert certificate.
CSE F5 experts in Apius!

It constitutes a highest possible certification level in this producer’s certification path and requires passing as many as 7 exams in the expert level. 

Presently there are 18 people across Eastern Europe, covering Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Adriatic region, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Russia, who have achieved this certificate, with 6 of them in Poland, including 2 in Apius. We congratulate our experts all the more and are glad that we can work with such exceptional people!

“I am delighted the two engineers from Apius have joined the elite and exclusive group of engineers with the Solution Expert certificate in the F5 technology. Apius is a company whose strength lies in competencies related to offered technologies and certifications of 401 series are the proof for it!” says Filip Demianiuk, EERCIS Partner Account Manager. “I am convinced our mutual customers will also appreciate this impressive achievement as they are the main beneficiaries of our partners’ skills and knowledge!” Filip Demianiuk adds.

“F5 is one of the key technological Partners of our company,” says Jacek Urban, the Management Board Member of Apius. We are one of a few F5’s servicing partners in Poland and currently, when our engineers have obtained CSE certificates, an outright leader in the level of technical staff authorisation."