The company's bloodstream is fast, secure, and efficient networks. Properly designed and implemented, they will determine the success of the organization.
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The importance of well-designed WLAN networks is growing. They are usually built in the form of decentralised wireless networks with controllers in the central, with which access points communicate via WAN (VPN).

The modern LAN networks are equipped with intelligent solutions that enable, for example, integration with directory services (e.g. LDAP, Active Directory) or secure access for guests. They should be equipped with multi-layered security mechanisms blocking the possibility of intrusions and minimising their potential effects.

Another important element in constructing efficient networks is ensuring redundancy in the core and aggregate layers. Guaranteeing that element makes it possible to upgrade SLA and facilitate the implementation of modifications in LAN/WAN architecture. Any errors in configuration or device failures are limited to a single element without affecting the rest of the network.

Providing a uniform system for authentication and authorisation of access to LAN/WLAN/VPN with the use of NAC (Network Access Control) systems using directory services allows for the efficient enforcement of access privileges as well as traceability. With the use of additional final ratings of active devices, a secure LAN/WLAN may be built, which makes it impossible to pass as one of the existing devices and to quarantine devices that do not meet the requirements of safe work.


The organisation that makes sure that the infrastructure is properly constructed achieves the following benefits:

  • safety of work,
  • WLAN range under control,
  • integration with LAN and security systems such as NAC,
  • protection against hostile hosts,
  • redundancy of active devices.
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