Apius WorkSAFE® is an original and fully autonomous work environment characterised by high stability, safety and speed of operation.
General informations

A very high level of security combined with flexibility in relation to the hardware constitutes its unique feature. WorkSAFE® can be run traditionally from a hard drive, but it is not the only option. The environment can be run from any data storage device, as long as the hardware architecture enables it. As a result, you can take your office with you wherever you want and use it on any computer, laptop or terminal without worrying about the security of your data. Whether it is a computer in a hotel's cybercafé, a terminal at a university or a hot- desk in your office, your data will always be safe. Regardless of whether you use a private network, public network or Wi-Fi in a shopping mall, the whole transmission is encrypted by default in such a manner that third parties are not able to listen to it and take over your data and information.

WorkSAFE® can also be run as a virtual system. As a result, its capabilities become even broader and the hardware platform, which is the basis of each system, becomes conventional. As a consequence, the concept of desktop virtualisation takes on a completely new meaning.

Apius NGV® (Next Generation Virtualisation) constitutes an innovative approach to virtualisation technologies without the need for building expensive Data Centres equipped with costly, high-performance servers. Without the need for buying and maintaining high-bandwidth connections. With the NGV® technology, there is no need for investing in redundant, high-performance infrastructure. NGV® enables the creation of a reliable, easily accessible, dispersed virtual work environment characterised by high speed of operation and scalability and reliability unprecedented in traditional virtualisation solutions.


Apius WorkSAFE® was developed for business users for whom safety, centralised management and unification of the environment have great significance. Many years of experience of engineers and programmers of Apius Technologies SA made it possible to create an operating system that responds to the most common problems and challenges that IT departments face every day. The system is fully immune to the majority of attacks that emerge from the network. Unauthorised installations, both those that the user is aware of and those that are happening without the user's knowledge, are impossible. As a result, malware, which has been popular recently, does not constitute a threat. Moreover, the user himself cannot accidentally cause damage to the system. The system is equipped with a "self-recovery " technique. After its activation, with the accuracy including the positioning of icons, everything returns to its original state after the next restart.

By default, the system is equipped with firewall software, which makes it even more resistant to threats from outside. The implemented support for 802.1x technology enables integration with the user's infrastructure, which gives 100% certainty that nobody will pass as our station. The system also supports remote AD and LDAP authentication. In addition to standard authentication methods such as password, the system supports SmartCard and NFC technologies, which enables double authentication of the user. It is particularly important in public spaces where different people may have access to the physical station, including accidental persons, e.g. interactive kiosks at universities and offices, terminals in hospital rooms, workstations in Call Centres, where many people use the same station and it is relatively easy to pass as someone else.

What is very important, regardless of the medium on which the system is activated, it is fully encrypted. Therefore, even if the device is stolen or the data carrier is accidentally lost, it does not result in any danger.


From the very beginning, the system was designed in such a way as to enable maximum effective management and monitoring of the terminals. Regardless of whether it is a hospital terminal, interactive kiosk or a workstation, e.g. in a network of large facilities, supermarkets or a sales representative's workstation, the IT department may be able to fully or partially monitor what is happening in the system via the administration panel. This component of the system offers the following features:


Remote Desktop - enables taking over the user's desktop. This function can be useful not only for IT specialists but also in call centers, where consultants can perform certain activities for the user. It includes, for example, bank branches, offices of partners, insurance agents working out of office, where in some cases the head office may perform certain activities for the user.


Central upgrades – we all know how much work is involved in maintaining current versions of applications, systems and libraries. It refers in particular to organisations with a dispersed geographical infrastructure. That is why WorkSAFE® system enables centralised propagation of new versions of applications, system patches or new system features. And all this happens in a manner transparent to the user, without the need for interrupting the work or restarting the system.


Self-diagnosis and notification systems – the system is equipped with a number of internal tools for self-diagnosis. It is able to analyse the integrity not only of its own components but also the integrity of external conditions necessary to work properly, e.g. availability of an Internet connection. The system automatically recognises whether it can communicate with the central unit and notifies the relevant services by sending an e-mail or a text message. It does not require any action from the user. In addition, the administration panel is equipped with a POP-UP notification system. These notifications can be sent in the same manner as in e-mail systems with equal priorities and with "read receipt". Such a feature can be helpful for technical services that inform about, for example, the upcoming upgrade dates or planned downtime. Nevertheless, it can also be used for business purposes, for example, to inform about marketing actions or changes in the regulations. The information that the message was delivered and read is logged and stored in a central location.


Monitoring and statistics – Apius WorkSAFE® provides the administration panel with a range of statistics and information related to the operation of the system itself as well as peripherals such as access routers or printers, provided that they are part of the working environment. As a result, the administrators can, for example, keep track of consumables consumption level, traffic and the status of devices active in the branch. You can configure automatic alerts in the event of malfunction or running out of toner.


Web access management – the system is delivered with an embedded browser, which is designed and constructed in compliance with the highest security standards. The browser is integrated with the administration panel. Therefore, it is possible to fully configure it remotely, where one of the most important features is bookmarks configuration, i.e. pages admitted to use, for example, web application, intranet, websites of suppliers and business partners.


The work environment is by default equipped with an Office-class solution, which is fully compatible with all office formats available on the market, in particular Microsoft Office. The user receives a full-fledged text editor, spreadsheet, e-mail programme, PDF viewer as well as web browser. The package also includes a programme for scanning and simple image processing, intended mainly for digitising identity documents.

The environment can be enriched with new applications on special request of the client, including applications running in the MS Windows environment.

Target group

Apius WorkSAFE will work perfectly in all places where there is no permanent supervision over the systems by IT services. Wherever users use central application of their enterprise remotely without having daily support in the form of administrators. It is a system that works perfectly when the end user uses their private equipment. Such a user does not have to quit the private system when running WorkSAFE® environment for professional purposes. Due to its flexibility, it can be applied in many types of entities:

  • geographically dispersed branches,
  • franchises,
  • branches of stores,
  • hospitals,
  • universities,
  • public administration offices,
  • insurance agents,
  • sales representatives.
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