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The solution minimises threats, increases productivity and reduces the cost of maintaining network bandwidth by managing the use of protocols and network applications.
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The dynamic interactive Web 2.0 technologies have transformed the Internet into a basic platform for business applications. The traditional CRM and HR applications are now delivered interactively via the Internet, while the social applications are used in everyday work to recruit, attract clients and in other business processes. Unfortunately, the emergence of Web 2.0 is accompanied by new threats, as dynamic content generated by users makes the traditional security techniques, such as anti-virus software and URL filtering, ineffective. They do not provide control over the outgoing confidential data sent to Web 2.0 websites.

The Forcepoint AP-WEB solutions offered by Apius are market leaders in the field of secure Internet gateways and provide the best protection against modern Web threats at the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Those are the only solutions that enable data protection and unified management of hybrid local/cloud deployments. The AP-WEB solutions allow organisations to benefit from Web 2.0 technology without having problems related to malware, inappropriate content or disclosure of confidential information.


The advanced classification mechanism is achieved through Forcepoint TRITON Advanced Classification Engine (ACE). It is the most accurate, bidirectional security analysis mechanism that combines inbound traffic analysis with in-depth outgoing data protection. The ACE mechanism combines traditional safeguards with state-of-the-art content classification techniques such as anti-virus analysis, URL filtering, reputation services and unique file identifiers to accurately classify threats related to outbound and inbound traffic. The ACE mechanism supported by Forcepoint ThreatSeeker® Network analyses the content that passes through the gateway by using real-time security scanning, real-time content classification and enterprise-class data protection.

Real-time security scanning

The antivirus technology cannot cope alone with the dynamic and scripted attacks that prevail among the Internet threats. The real-time security analysis mechanisms developed by Forcepoint respond to those "zero-day" threats by identifying harmful content on the fly, without the need for referring to a database of attacks that are already known.


Many popular websites cannot be precisely classified using traditional URL filtering. For example, a single Google or Facebook website may contain a mixture of elements of contents from multiple categories, which makes it impossible to classify them into a single category. As a result, many organisations are forced to either completely block access to valuable resources or ignore the fair use policy and allow full access to dynamic Web 2.0 locations.

AP-WEB solutions provide real-time content classification to precisely extend the fair use policy so that it can be applied to dynamic Web 2.0 websites by classifying the elements of individual websites on the fly. If any element of a website violates the rules, it may be removed from the website, while the rest of the information that complies with the rules may be preserved. This unique feature enables extensive access to the enterprise's Web 2.0 locations while maintaining productivity and compliance with the fair use policy.


The AP-WEB solution allows DLP analysis directly on the proxy device. The built-in enterprise-class data protection features (DLP) provide the control required to enable the outgoing communication to target locations such as webmail applications and social networks while meeting compatibility requirements to prevent confidential data from being disclosed. Unlike alternative approaches where DLP functions are limited to keyword checking or require complex integration with products provided by third parties, the AP-WEB solutions offer all the capabilities of Forcepoint's market-leading AP-DATA solution for http, https and FTP network traffic. It includes more than 1,500 ready-to-use rules, file identification features for in-depth content inspection and comprehensive compliance reporting.


The deployment of TruHybrid allows to choose the combination of Cloud and Local platforms (on-premise) and to administer the whole environment through a unique unified management system. With the Cloud platform, it is possible to extend the protection by covering also the offices of other branches or users of mobile devices. At the same time, high-performance devices can be deployed in the enterprise's locations, large branches or data centers. Regardless of the chosen combination of Cloud solutions or the used devices, the rules are defined in one place which is common for the whole organisation. Such a unified approach not only reduces the costs of managing the hybrid on-premise/Cloud deployments but it also guarantees a consistent scope of protection in all environments.

The TruHybrid deployment unifies the management of the hybrid on-premise/Cloud deployments. The interactive desktops of the TRITON console provide quick access to the actions related to violations and threats after their occurrence.


The growing importance of the SSL traffic reduces the usefulness of the URL filters and opens a new door to threats and data leakage. The AP-WEB solutions provide insight into and control of the SSL traffic, thus enabling organisations to apply the rules to all types of Internet communication.


The increase in popularity of network applications, such as IM communicators and P2P clients, gives hackers the opportunity to disrupt the operation of businesses and steal confidential data. The AP-WEB solutions developed by Forcepoint give the power to control more than 125 network protocols and thousands of applications so as to prevent data leakage and threats posed by unauthorised applications. The rules enable defining actions that range from simple blocking to precise control of network bandwidth.

The AP-WEB system also provides insight into the micro-applications used in web traffic. Due to integration with the Skyfence module, AP-WEB is able to recognise several thousand of them.


The Triton Manager console is an important feature provided by the AP-WEB solutions and available only in Forcepoin solutions. It consolidates the management of all email, data and web security solutions developed by Forcepoint into one interface that can be operated using a browser. The intuitive dashboard includes more than 75 built-in reports and features that can be customised in order to help keep track of user activity, resolve problems and reduce risks even more efficiently. The workload and costs of the work carried out by the administrators are significantly reduced when compared to solutions offered by the competition, which is the result of numerous easy-to-use functions, including extensive analytical features, rules wizards, configuration templates, planning subsystem and automatic content updates. Over time, content protection needs to be extended beyond web protection, so the unified management features of the TRITON console can easily be extended so as to enable centralised e-mail management and full DLP functionality.

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