Audit is an effective method of ensuring high quality of the IT system.
General informations

The IT systems are quickly-changing organisms consisting of many interrelated components. Its quality, which can be understood as, for example, the level of safety, the degree of efficiency, the level of reliability, is usually as good as its weakest link. One of the most effective methods used for the purpose of identification and mitigation of threats or sources of problems are audits. In simple words, an audit is a comparison of the actual (current) situation with a specific standard. The example of such a standard may be, for instance, external regulations applicable to the Client (RODO/GDPR), internal regulations (policies and procedures), standards and good practices (OWASP), as well as recommendations issued by the producers of particular components of the system.

APIUS offers several categories of audits carried out by top-class specialists with world-class certificates (CISA, CISSP, ISO Lead Auditor) and extensive practical experience gained in numerous projects.

The audits are carried out in accordance with methodologies based on global standards and good practices, for example, COBIT and OWASP. It guarantees professional verification of the condition of the IT system and high quality of the final product, i.e. the Audit Report.

The process of carrying out the audits offered by APIUS usually follows the following pattern:

  • collection of data and preparation of the audit plan,
  • carrying out the audit,
  • preparation of the preliminary version of the Audit Report
  • meeting with the Client's representatives and discussion of the results of the preliminary version of the Audit Report,
  • preparation of the final version of the Audit Report.

Once the Client has made corrections/improvements in the audited environment, we suggest carrying out the so-called verifying audit (re-tests) the purpose of which is to verify the compliance of corrective action(s) taken by the Client (or an entity authorised by the Client) with the recommendations contained in the Audit Report.

The scope of audit services offered by APIUS includes:

  • audits of IT infrastructure security,
  • audits of applications security and services security (especially web applications for transactions),
  • audits of network infrastructure (performance, reliability, continuity of operation),
  • audits of group work environment (e.g. Microsoft AD),
  • audits of backup strategies and systems,
  • audits of strategies and plans for continuity of operation,
  • audits of information security management systems (ISMS).

APIUS offers well-defined audit services carried out by high-class professionals. We are a holder of internationally recognised certificates issued by independent organisations: CISA (ISACA), CISSP (ISC2), ISO27001, as well as a number of certificates issued by leading IT producers.


The audits enable:

  • systematic improvement of the quality and/or security of IT systems,
  • continuous improvement of the quality of work of IT teams,
  • ensuring continuity of critical business processes, even in the event of serious problems in the IT system (attacks, breakdowns, mistakes made by personnel).
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