Repair service and support

In today's business, the continuity of operation of applications and services, as well as the time needed to restore their availability in the event of failure become one of the most important challenges.

General Information

Repair service and technical support include:

  • Repair Service,
  • Proactive Service,
  • Technical Support in the Start-up Phase,
  • Technical Support.

We offer a number of post-implementation services, both for solutions implemented by us and for systems that have been delivered and launched by other contractors. Our services include both service and prevention, as well as proactive actions. Using our professional services allows our clients to minimise the period of time when applications or business services are unavailable or even eliminate such periods completely in some cases.

Repair service and technical support include:

  • Repair Service – removal of failures and problems under the service agreement. The reaction time and troubleshooting time depend on the service level agreement (SLA).
  • Proactive Service – includes a standard Repair Service and, in addition, a monitoring and remote access package for quick troubleshooting.
  • Technical Support in the Start-up Phase – Apius specialist is present at the Client's premises for the first N days from the date of system/solution launch. The number of N days is each time agreed between the Client and Apius and depends, for instance, on the complexity of the implemented solution and the current state of the art.
  • Technical support – includes remote consultations and consultations at the Client's premises offered by qualified Apius specialists. Their number and form (remote, on-site) are each time agreed between the Client and the company.

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