The manner in which we implement our projects is our competitive advantage.
General informations

We pay special attention


  • achievement of business and technological goals,
  • effective flow of information between the Client and Apius,
  • constant supervision of the quality of individual products and implementation phases,
  • appropriate documentation of work, which refers in particular to changes concerning the design phase.

We combine traditional management techniques (that use PMBOK) with agile techniques. We use the first ones to manage the projects on a business level and to achieve our main goals, most often the products. The agile techniques are used to manage individual products or the so-called subprojects.

Our implementation is supervised by experienced and competent people. A manager is appointed for each project, whose most important task is to implement the concept within the set time, budget and in accordance with the client's requirements (the so-called golden triangle of the project).

There are two compulsory meetings with the client: the initiating meeting and the closing meeting, which have a great impact on the effective implementation.

At the initiating meeting, the most important organisational issues are agreed, for example:

  • form of the project teams,
  • composition of project teams and contact details of their members,
  • appointment of Project Managers and Groups,
  • principles of safe communication (e.g. e-mail encryption),
  • principles of acceptance of documents and arrangements.

The closing meeting is the last element of the implementation, during which the results of work are presented, for instance, products, problems encountered and methods of solving them. The closing meeting is intended primarily for the project managers and the representatives of the Client.

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