The proper design is the key to the success of your venture.
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  • Conceptual Project (PK),
  • Technical Project (PT),
  • Implementation Project (PI).

Based on our experience, we may say that the success of the implementation lies in the right planning. Planning can take various forms, depending on the scale and complexity of the venture and the adopted management methodology. We offer the execution of the project as a service independent of the implementation. The project provided by our specialists may be an element of the tender procedure or may be used directly for the purpose of implementation of the project. Very often, in the case of small and medium scale, planning takes the form of a "project" which, depending on the phase of implementation, takes on different types: conceptual (PK), technical (PT) and implementation (PI).

The conceptual project is carried out at the early stage with relatively little effort. The PK often aims at selecting the optimal solution. Therefore, it is desirable to prepare the PK in at least two variants. The conceptual project takes into account the general requirements and assumptions of the client, presents the architecture of the solution in a very general manner and specifies the most important features of the elements of the solution. It is advisable to describe in the conceptual project the tasks necessary for the execution of the next project (PT). The analysis of the conceptual project may lead to the closure of the project in its early phase (when the business analysis brings a negative result).

The technical project constitutes a more extended and detailed version of the conceptual project (in most cases, of the chosen variant of a solution). PT contains details of the solution that allow to plan the implementation in its entirety, in particular:

  • functionality of the designed solution,
  • architecture of the designed solution,
  • technical specification of each element of the solution that makes it possible to order or prepare such an element,
  • description of the data flow between elements along with the interfaces that are used.

The implementation project describes in detail selected elements of the technical project (PT) – usually, of the configuration – and is implemented in the largest projects, where there is a risk of incompatibility at the stage of implementation.

Figure: Design costs on a vertical scale. Progress of the project on a horizontal scale.

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