Fast and...
We like to be first on the finish line, both in business and in our lives. This is why we joined the project which combines sport, competition and the CSR aspect of our operations.
Fast and...

We would like to present our Apius motorbikes that are going to take part in the Polish Cup Race in the Open Moto 3 class.

The project is unique as the funds, instead of the motorbike owner, will go to the children in need. “We are promoting our brand in a brain new way and in the motorbike sector, where our presence has been insignificant so far. The concept joining an unconventional idea and support to others won our hearts from the very beginning and enabled the continuation of support aimed at helping children and youths under the umbrella of the Pankracy Foundation,” says Barbara Mroczka, Communication & HR Director in Apius.

“I am extremely honored to be able to pursue my passions together with Apius Technologies and at the same time help children to achieve their goals and dreams,” says Filip Demianiuk from Flying Buffs, one of the racers. “I hope that this kind of a cooperation form will gain popularity and allow those who are successful in their business to support at least a little bit these having a rough time at the early stage of their lives.” F. Demianiuk comments.


To read more about this initiative please check: http://www.swiatmotocykli.pl/M