Apius as a Balabit IT Security Partner


We are pleased to announce that Apius Technologies joined the group of Certified Partners of Balabit IT Security. Apius has met all the requirements enabling the implementation and subsequent support of the Balabit's products in the Polish market. Thus, Apius Technologies was one of the first companies in Poland to obtain such a status. 

BalaBit IT Security is a company that deals with information security. It is a world leader in the field of privileged activity monitoring. With the BalabitIT Seciurity solution, the client can be sure that users with privileged accounts will not use their authorisations for forbidden purposes. By using Balabit IT Security solutions, institutions that are subject to recommendation D requirements, in particular banks and financial institutions, are able to deal with selected issues and meet selected requirements. Balabit IT Security can also be successfully used to control any outsourcer or third party that has privileged access to the client's systems.


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