Apius has changed
– the logo rebranding
On April 12, the company's logo has changed.
Apius has changed – the logo rebranding

The new visual identity meets contemporary design trends, highlights the company's strengths: novelty, expertise, and the team’s energy.

Łukasz Kułącz, the President of the Board says, ‘Our rapid growth of over 50% YOY prompted us to decide that the time has come to undergo a facelift and give our logo a little upgrade.’ The works, carried out by the Kraków-based Pleo Design agency lasted several months. The changes focused on getting a new font and a slightly lighter colour of the wordmark.

‘Right from the start, our focus fell on simplicity and transparency. The aim of the logo was to attract attention and create the right associations and dynamics’, Barbara Mroczka, Communication Director at Apius Technologies SA, explains.