e-Administration is one of many challenges that the public sector has to face. Users expect improvements, ease of access, information security similar to those that can be observed in other sectors of economy.
General informations

The offer for the public sector covers all our areas of activity. Our team gathered 20 years of experience which makes us one of the most respected and reliable providers of tailor-made solutions for public administration, both at the central and local government level.

A full range of professional services allows our receivers to achieve real business benefits by improving the speed and quality of services provided to their clients, as well as by increasing the security of ICT systems both on the side of the user handling IT systems and external recipients. We analyse the organisation's needs. We help to properly plan the budget with a view to rational spending so that the structure and solution are scalable. Both offices and institutions have their needs. Poles want to have electronic access to institutions, be able to quickly and efficiently handle formalities related to their business, tax settlements or check the results of their application for a kindergarten, school or university. They bring the level of service they deal with in banks, private insurance companies or healthcare units to the public sector. In order to meet these expectations, we create projects flexibly taking into account the specific requirements of each receiver.


Therefore, we offer a whole range of services covering security of infrastructure itself, as well as security of solutions that take into account functionalities or compliance with legal regulations. The upcoming implementation of the EU Directive on the personal data protection (GDPR) forces almost all entities that have access to sensitive data to make many changes, including the need to report every incident of security breach.

We implement and configure broadly defined infrastructure (i.e. servers, storage systems, backup system, solutions that are used to monitor infrastructure and administrators). Products that improve and facilitate communication both inside of the organisation as well as between the organisation and its partners or external entities are widely popular. Unified Communication systems are gaining more and more supporters and users.

Our clients can benefit from a wide range of support services with guaranteed response and repair time (SLA), maintenance services as well as technical support and consultancy, which guarantee the support of top-class experts working at Apius.

Projects carried out for the public sector

We provide services to central and local authorities, courts, healthcare units and universities.


We create innovative projects that are individually tailored to the expectations and needs of clients.

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