Modern technologies are changing the face of business more and more boldly. Companies have to meet the requirements of the modern market through continuous self-improvement.
General informations

The area of new technologies is a dynamically developing sphere. Organisations face the need to constantly improve their functioning. Their needs grow in response to market demand. Practically, our impressive experience enables us to transfer IT technology to every client.

We understand the goals that companies set for themselves: expanding the range of products or services, expanding into new markets, improving production capacities, meeting standards or regulations. The perspective of making profit translates into investments in infrastructure, equipment or specialised software. Everyday practice allows us to responsibly advise on how to invest own funds choosing the best solutions or specific equipment. While giving an advice, we take into account the future, innovativeness and economy.


The technological progress has made communication and security the foundation of a business that expects 24/7 data transmission in every place, without any hindrance and safely. The idea of Unified Acces becomes popular, in which an employee has access to resources in a unified way, regardless of how he or she connects to the corporate network: through LAN, wireless network, digital multimedia network or remotely. At the same time, access to resources is adapted to the method of connection through mechanisms, i.e. data compression, Quality of Service, and remote work is performed in a comfortable manner.

Our portfolio allows us to comprehensively create a unified network, from connecting a user to the point of creating complex networks in data centers. The modern information systems applied in enterprises are complicated and consist of many different devices and solutions distributed over the entire ICT infrastructure. Ensuring protection of information in such conditions becomes not only a challenge but also an indispensable element enabling operation and maintenance of a competitive advantage in a very demanding market. The choice of available tools and mechanisms is wide. However, the proper selection of protection to the type of business requires expert knowledge. Mobility, especially in the new technologies industry, so liked for the freedom of access is the source of new threats and requires well-thought-out security rules for mobile users as well as entire environments. Cyberattacks are not the future, but the present. Confidence becomes the business currency, and it is created by the security of transactions, data and communication.

Projects carried out in the scope of new technologies

The list of our clients includes innovative companies that are focused on modern technologies, interested in virtual environments, mobile users and e-services.


We create innovative projects that are individually tailored to the expectations and needs of clients.



  • knowledge of issues related to communication and cybersecurity
  • wide perspective on the aspect of security of the IT market
  • solutions from every IT area (from connection to terminal)
  • specialists with unique skills


  • 20 years of experience
  • systematically developed professional skills  – trainings for leaders
  • highest partner statuses


  • original approach
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) taken into account
  • ease of implementation
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