We cooperate with the largest banks and financial institutions in Poland and abroad. Due to our professionalism, we have been entrusted with the supervision of critical systems necessary for the proper functioning of banking systems and critical areas of infrastructure, the availability of which is already measured at 99.999%.
General informations

The financial sector is one of the most demanding sectors in terms of continuity of operation and security of market sectors.

Clients entrusting their funds to banks and other financial institutions believe that they will be securely protected from unauthorised use there. Simultaneously, the same clients require from these institutions the easiest and widest possible access to the entrusted funds via e-banking, telephone banking or mobile banking which recently becomes more and more popular and is considered by many people to be the leading one in the future. The security and accessibility are two opposite poles. By limiting accessibility, we increase security, while by increasing security requirements, we reduce functionality. We know how to combine these two aspects.


For many years we have been successfully designing, delivering and implementing systems thanks to which we can say that the client becomes relatively safe. The dynamic development of the financial industry led to a radical increase in the importance of electronic communication channels, which exposed enterprises to potential attacks and threats coming from the web. With our comprehensive offer and extensive expert knowledge in various fields, we are able to carry out proper audits showing weaknesses, optimise the environment by reconfiguring the existing devices and finally deliver and implement new components of integrated security systems.

Projects carried out for finance sector

As a company, we can be proud of our projects being implemented in the largest Polish enterprises representing the financial sector. To the aforementioned clients, we provide services such as consulting, system support and website support in 4-hour regimes.

Among the entities that trusted us, we may mention: mBank, Alior Bank, Santander Bank, ING, Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego.



  • knowledge of the specificity of the industry
  • wide perspective on the aspect of security of the IT market
  • solutions from every IT area 
  • specialists with the highest degree of certification


  • many implementations for the largest clients in the Enterprise sector
  • experience supported by many years of practice
  • highest partner statuses


  • systems of behavioural protection
  • protection of terminals and mobile devices
  • Data Center protection
  • protection of virtual environments and users of mobile devices

We create innovative projects that are individually tailored to the expectations and needs of clients.

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