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The Energy industry, like no other in recent years, has been subject to dynamic computerisation. Consolidations between certain energy producers and operators resulted in the need for group work, information exchange and merging competence centers into one.
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As an expert in the field of security and IT communication, we actively joined the process of computerisation of the energy and industry sector by providing and implementing solutions in the field of web protection, connection with the Internet or internal networks.

Dynamic changes in the energy sector caused that companies operating in this area were exposed to various types of threats coming from the web, becoming one of the targets of cybercrimes taking the form of attempts to compromise SCADA network or personalised attacks.


In recent years, the number of investments in the sector of Energo&Utilities has significantly increased. By expanding communication channels with clients, enterprises from this industry started to create "electronic customer service" portals, developed call centres or - for own needs - solutions for group work. While realising all these investments, it became necessary to create a compulsory secure infrastructure that would ensure the continuity of business services and the proper level of their efficiency.

Projects carried out in the scope of energy and industry sector

We cooperate with the largest operators in the energy industry such as PGE, TAURON and ENERGA. We designed a security infrastructure for the EDF group in Krakow. As a company the portfolio of which includes solutions of different producers, we can create a unique solution based on various technologies in order to maximise the effectiveness of the designed solution in a manner increasing the efficiency and reliability of the systems. In the energy and industry sector, we have implemented projects based on such producers as F5 Networks, Checkpoint, Palo Alto or Imperva.



  • knowledge of the SCADA network
  • wide perspective on the aspect of security of the IT market
  • comprehensive solutions from every IT area
  • specialists with the highest degree of certification


  • many implementations for the largest clients in the Enterprise sector
  • experience supported by many years of practice
  • highest partner statuses


  • connection safety and traffic analysis
  • systems of behavioural protection
  • protection of terminals and mobile devices
  • Data Center protection

Nasi odbiorcy cenią sobie kompleksowość naszej oferty- począwszy od wstępnych założeń, po realizację i końcowe wyniki. Dzięki temu optymalizujemy koszty projektów. Płynnie reagujemy na potrzeby klientów, dlatego w naszym pakiecie są również usługi outsourcingu.

We create innovative projects that are individually tailored to the expectations and needs of clients.

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